In Bloom Remix - Collab with John Speaker

This was a fun project that really "bloomed" into something far beyond the initial concept :)  When John booked his show at the gallery a couple of years ago... I was looking through his work and really connected with a piece in his catalog entitled "In Bloom"  I asked John if he would be down to create a laser-ized version of the piece.  Luckily, he was game!  I took 1/8th of the painting and hand traced it digitally in Photoshop.  I was then able to rotate and mirror that section out to complete the full circle.  I then cut and engraved multiple layers of walnut, alder, and mirrored acrylic.  John then took the engraved wood layers back to his studio and hand painted the color back in.  To top it off I inlayed a section of Paua shell for the iris of the eyeball.  This piece looks awesome in all kinds of different lighting due to the mirrored acrylic.  Currently hanging at the gallery and available!


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