Jellyfish Nimbus - Soundwall

$1,000 $2,500

This is a 36" x 48" sublimated print on an aluminum panel, that's also a wireless speaker... sounds pretty crazy, because... it is!  You really need to see this in person to understand how truly awesome it is:)

Soundwall is a connected canvas that blends art, music and wireless technologies to create a multi-dimensional artwork. Each Soundwall also can be used as an exceptional sounding wireless speaker capable of streaming directly from any service on any device.

Soundwall is not a speaker. It is new technology designed using Distributed Mode Loading (DML). The entire surface of the artwork resonates, generating a sound that is more natural and uniform, so there is no sweet spot. Instead, you experience great sound no matter where you are in the room.

Create a mood based on your taste. Simply by using your Soundwall app, you can wirelessly stream music from any service (Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, and more)

 Sound Technology

  • Distributed Mode Loading (DML)
  • 180-­degree sound with no sweet spot
  • AirPlay compatible for all iOS devices
  • BubbleUPnP compatible for Android devices
  • Easy WiFi connection
  • Built-­in computer that allows for app functionality updates

Quality Materials

  • Specially crafted aluminum designed to resonate perfectly
  • Light enough to hang on your wall
  • Floating aluminum design

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