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grateful for my amazing partners


We truly love the five prints we have hanging around our house. Phil is extremely talented and a great/honest business man with which to be associated. Every single time I have received a painting it has been in pristine condition, signed, and the colors are amazing. Every cent I have spent has been more than worth the money. Phil's paintings adorn our living room, and we often think of Phil and our first encounter with his work in Boulder at "Foolish Craig's". I wish Phil the best of luck in the future, and will be contacting him soon in regards to the next purchases I intend to make. Peace,

Russell S.

I received one of Phil's prints as a gift and was so pleased. His flowing style and choice of colors are wonderful - and make you take a closer look. Great trees! I have this piece prominently displayed at home, and I get great comments from guests who see it.

Kyle, Boulder, CO

I think it was the dark background and ambitious color in the giraffes that first drew me in to Phil's work. The contrast is heavy, the edges are sharp, and the color is saturated, but Phil's combination of symmetry, creativity and control turns down the whole volume just enough so that more than just paint comes through for me. It's rare to find an original idea in this genre of art and I'm pleased to have found Phil's work. I originally purchased the three giraffe's (equal size) on large black canvas as a gift for my girlfriend but kept it to myself once I saw how stellar it looked on my wall.

Jeremy G.

I first saw one of Phil’s drawings, a funky, beautiful picture of the flatirons, at Foolish Craig’s restaurant. It was so unique – full of curvey lines, interesting patterns and rich colors. I bought a copy from Phil as a gift for my husband – who I knew would love it too. We found a frame that picks up on the lines of the picture. It looks fantastic hanging in our family room. I’m sure we'll buy more of Phil’s work in the future.

Sandra, Boulder, Colorado

Phil, Thank you so much for your beautiful, colorful art! When I came to your Boulder Theater show I was so excited to find your work at the merch table. Your vast array of color and endearing themes drew me in. Of course I fell in love with the giraff trilogy, reminding me of the sweetness of my three sons, much like Storytyme! Yet, I found myself searching for which "groovy masterpiece" I should buy it was hard to choose just one. After all, the giraffs found their new home in our dining room. They are so special, we have quite an original collection of art on this particular wall and I have to say my eyes fall on your unique vision " three giraffs" along the day: love, unity and vivid color are always welcome in the soul of the eye. Thank you for your devotion and love for art...we all need it so.

Kristina I.

I moved away from CO this past summer and before leaving I started a search for a piece of artwork that would remind me of everything wonderful about the state I had called home. Upon seeing Phil’s art I knew I’d found the perfect piece! Now, Mt. Sanitas hangs above my desk, where I can gaze into the Boulder scene and escape to the mountains when I’m stressed or missing CO. I was instantly drawn to the Mt. Sanitas piece because it reminded me of the many hikes I had done there and throughout the Rockies. The funky style Phil uses attracted me to his work as well. It reminds me of music festivals in the summer – of sunny days, mountain-fresh air, and wildflowers blowing in the wind.

Jill G.

You inspire me to create works of my own. Your style is somewhat like mine but im still learning new techniques and style. Just wanted to say that you are awesome.

Samantha, M.

I love your work. I came to Boulder the past 2 years for the creek festival and bought a picture last year for my daughter, she wanted another one this year and I got one for myself also. I'll be in CO in the end of July and plan on contacting you for more. Keep up the good work!!!

Karia, C.

I loooove your work. Your octopus drawing is my absolute favorite. I drew something alot like it and gave it to my dad for my birthday. I have to say, you're one of my favorite artists.

Selena, L.

Visited Boulder a few weeks ago and this artwork is what was the most memorable thing of my trip, absolutely amazing and unforgettable!!


I found myself back at Phil's booth over and over again each time seeing something I hadn't before. Love it!


I looked you up after seeing another Art teacher's blog about projects she's done with her kids. They did drawings/paintings based on your style and I plan to do the same with my middle-school kids. I love how you use your surroundings and your imagination to create such vivid, dream-like art! Bravo 🙂


We picked up some of your great art at High Sierra Music Festival. Thank you!! It looks great on our walls and we're still working on the wolf puzzle.

Seth & Jacque Donnelly

Your artwork inspires me to be a better steward of the earth. Thank you!

Johannah Nicholson

Getting to see your work at RockyGrass was awesome! I look forward to collecting some of your pieces!

August Fesi

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