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I'm excited to offer my laser engraving services on these beautiful devices by Pax.  I am an authorized retailer, so you can order brand new units directly though me, or send your pre-owned device to me for engraving!

All prices include original packaging, accessories, and engraving.  Pax has agreed to uphold their incredible 10 year warranty for devices engraved by me, so you can purchase with confidence! 

Pax 3 - Complete Kit - $300

Pax 3 - Device Only - $250

Pax 2 - $200

Pax Era Pro - $125

Pax Era - $60

Add custom engraving to the back + $20 * This can be any text you like, your name, initials, custom message, etc...

You can also arrange to send your own device to us for engraving - $40

Please email and we can send you a custom order to complete your purchase online.  Please let us know which device, color, and design you'd like engraved.



Do you have the pax 3 in teal? If so how would I got about buying it on your website with the electric fox engraving?

Fox Lover December 02, 2020

Hi! I was interested in purchasing an engraved but I was wondering if you could possibly do it on a pax era pro?

Dalena Huynh October 14, 2020

Hey Collin, yes! Pax honors their incredible 10 year warranty for devices engraved by Phil Lewis!

Phil Lewis Art - Studio & Gallery December 12, 2019

If I send my Pax 3 to you to get it painted will it retain the manufacture warranty?


Collin Hayes December 12, 2019

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