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This piece resonates with me on multiple levels.  On the surface, it’s about how much I love and appreciate Red Rocks Amphitheater, and the natural beauty that surrounds it.  It’s a magical and often surreal environment where the vision of a psychedelic jackalope with a third eye jumping out of the bushes is not that far-fetched :)

On a deeper level, this is about how powerful listening can be.  Not only listening to live music at a place like Red Rocks, but truly listening and hearing each other as human beings; regardless of what we look like on the outside or the masks we wear.  By understanding each other’s struggles, we can develop compassion. 

If we have compassion for one another, we can inspire the confidence to more freely become our true selves.  If we are comfortable and confident in our true compassionate selves, I believe we can tear down the walls between us and remove our masks, leading to a more enlightened shared existence.

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