Over the past 6 years we have had the privilege of working with Phil Lewis. 

We had been big fans of Phil's art and were super excited to get his art onto some Grassroots California apparel.  We started with one hat and have moved onto making hats, pins, socks, shirts, leggings, hoodies and more.  The process of working with Phil has always been very smooth and efficient.  He helps with every aspect and has even shared some of his sources with us, which has helped us produce better products both with Phil and other artists.  Phil also showcases our collaborations in his studio/store.  These collaborations continue to help us bring unique and amazing designs to fans, as well as helping to get Phil's fans high-quality merchandise.  To date every collaboration we have done has either sold out or is on its way to selling out, we have reordered almost every design and are looking forward to showcasing the collaborations at 75 plus events this year. 

Max Urquhart / Chief Operating Officer

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Red Tailed Hawk Hat


Ice Fox Hat