Epic Group Art Show!

EDIT: Here's a fantastic re-cap video from this marvelous event!

I feel honored to be a part of the robust art community here in Colorado. There are so many phenomenally talented artists living in this creative vortex, it’s mind-blowing 🤯

One of my primary goals with opening the gallery here was, and continues to be, showcasing this talent. The last couple of years have certainly been challenging, and it is with extreme gratitude, that I can say we survived! And, now it’s time to start booking shows again! I couldn’t think of a better way to do this, than inviting back all of my friends to host a monster group show! Every one of the artists on this roster has had a show here in the past, and I am so stoked to bring everyone back for a homecoming like no other 🤘

Please join us Friday, June 10th from 4-8pm to celebrate the insane vibrancy of the Colorado art scene as we open the doors for community gatherings once again! More details to come, stay tuned!!!

Participating artists in alphabetical order 🙏














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