Mr. Melty - Guest Art Show!

Saturday April 15th, 2023... 4-8pm!

As the days get warmer and the flowers start to bloom... it's finally time to come out of hibernation! It feels like it's been a particularly long, dark, and cold winter. While I'm grateful for the snowpack and the longer days in the studio... spring is always a welcome sign. I know things have been relatively quiet with my newsletters and social media posts, but things have been very very busy behind the scenes. I've been completely immersed in a new series of artwork that is becoming one of my biggest projects to-date! While I'm not quite ready to reveal too much about the content, I do have several work-in-progress videos to share below...

I feel this trend of producing a ton of work in the winter is true for many artists. One in particular I know of, is my friend Kevin Vigil aka Mr. Melty! And I'm so excited to announce his show "Neon Dreams" at the gallery on April 15th, 2023! 

I absolutely love Kevin's use of bold colors and swirly line-work 🤪 I'm sure you all will love it too! With Warren Ji spinning some great beats, and free beverages, these events are always a great time. I cannot wait to connect with some of you all in-person and welcome the incredible art-loving community back into the gallery, for what promises to be a very special evening. Please join us for our first art show of the season!

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