Smile Art Opening Re-Cap Video!

The Smile opening was truly epic!  98% of the work sold within the first 30 minutes, it was insane!  If you missed the opening, here's a quick re-cap video... enjoy!

I’ve admired Smile’s work around Boulder for the last few years, and I am stoked to show a collection of original paintings on found objects and reclaimed materials at the gallery! This is an extremely rare opportunity to acquire a piece from one of Boulder’s true gems.

From Smile…

Art has always been in the vanguard of the worlds changing consciousness, and Street Art is the contemporary form of this vanguard. From the streets of Beirut to the alleys of Boulder, artists are leaving the studio to paint the barren walls of the towns and cities that raised them. Boulder raised me. There’s a tidal wave of our generations best artist’s hammering every plaza and town-square with free art that will be commemorated in Art History books in the future. Like all times, this is a beautiful time to be alive.

I utilize multi-layer stencils and bright contradictory colors to primarily create impressionistic portraits, both of people and of animals. These portraits take days to conceptualize and cut in the studio…but only minutes to paint in the dark of night on the town. I paint portraits of cultural figures that inspire with the strength of their characters; people and cats that I love; places that have deep personal meaning; local recognizable figures and bodhisattvas. I paint these images because they help me smile. And that’s what I want the people in the vanguard of the new consciousness to be doing while we march together: smiling… So will you smile with me now?

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