The Ginger Garden - Print

About a month ago (early November 2012) my wife Lauren and I traveled to Nosara, Costa Rica for our honeymoon.... mind > blown!We were fortunate to be there at end of the rainy season, and everything was super lush. The plants were thriving and the flowers were in full-bloom everywhere. We rented a little house in the jungle and were surrounded by creatures of all kinds. There was a narrow path that lead to the beach which we walked at least 3 times a day. Along the path were these towering 8-foot tall ginger plants with giant blossoming flowers... and tons of hummingbirds. They seemed to be in seventh-heaven (much like we were), buzzing around like files... it was an incredible sight to say the least... unbelievably bright and colorful... vivid-awesomeness ~ Pura Vida!!!

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