One Love - Canvas Print


This piece was commissioned as a mural for the Plazeum exhibit at the Museum of Boulder.  The concept was to create a piece of art embodying a “Rainbow Music Forest” I immediately jumped at the opportunity… rainbows, music, forests?  What’s not to love? 

The piece was printed on multiple vinyl sheets and installed on 8’ x 12’ panels, which serve as the backdrop for an exhibit tailored towards kids - focusing on self-guided exploration, imagination, and experimentation.  I hope my artwork can help instil a sense of wonder for visitors of all ages as they explore this rainbow-music-forest :) 

I believe this piece transcends it’s original purpose and has become something far more meaningful for me.

It’s somewhat of a snapshot of my time (nearly 2 decades!) spent living in and exploring Colorado.  I wanted to feature many of the animals and landscapes that have been inspirational to me as I’ve built my home in this amazing place.  In fact, it contains elements from 19 different different pieces that I’ve created here.  When I stop to think of the sheer amount of time, energy, and love that’s been poured into each of these, it’s pretty overwhelming!  It’s these feelings that lead me to the title, “One Love” I believe that we’re all sharing this life and energy, and by combining all of these pieces together, I’m hoping it can help bring us closer together in our collective love for animals, nature, and each other.

It’s here in Boulder that I truly found my voice as an artist and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to create this work and partner with places like the Museum of Boulder.  I hope you guys get a chance to check this out in person! 

* 20x30 - Limited Edition of 150
* Limited-Edition Canvas Giclees are hand-signed and numbered, gallery wrapped on 1.5" stretcher bars, coated with a semi-gloss UV finish, and are ready to hang with or without a frame.

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