The Galactic Dude - Collab with Chris Dyer


This was an incredibly special piece to create!  It was part of the Galactic Gang Group Show we hosted at the gallery.  This show was curated by Chris Dyer, who had the idea to send blank versions of his 10" vinyl toy, the Galactic Dude, to 30+ artists from all over the world!  We all hand-painted, decorated, dismembered, and otherwise hacked apart these dudes to create one-of-a-kind pieces for an amazing showcase.  I went pretty nuts with this project and created this bizarre totem.  This thing measures over 20" tall.  I used a Dremel to cut off the figure's arms, legs, torso, and skateboard, which I then hand-painted and assembled as the base for the sculpture.  The body itself features some alder and birch laser engraved with a totem design... featuring a combination of my art, and some of Chris'.  I engraved the design twice, cut it into pieces, and then mixed and matched to create one side, and used the inverse of those pieces for the back.  Both sides have small mirrored acrylic inlays throughout the design.  I then hand-painted the head.  To top it off, I laser cut some Mother of Pearl to inlay for the whites of his eyes.  I had a ton of fun working on this piece, and it was awesome to step into the 3rd dimension for something completely different!  Special thanks and much love to Chris Dyer for having the vision for this show and brining his infectious positive energy to Boulder 🙏❤️🙏  Be sure to check out this awesome re-cap video from the opening!

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