High Country Crystallization


This one was a major undertaking!  Definitely one of the most complicated laser works I've tackled.  In the end it far surpassed my expectations, and I'm super stoked on how they turned out!

My vision with this piece was to print the entire image on 3 different species of wood, alder, walnut, and blue pine... cut them up into segments... then mix and match, and re-assemble them like a puzzle. This way we end up with three different versions of the same piece and there is zero scrap left over. Essentially turning three panels of wood into three collage pieces.  There is also some major inlay work on this one with various colors of 1/8" mirrored acrylic.

All in, this project took about 11.5 hours of actual laser run-time, and about 2 weeks total to finish. Blue Pine, Alder, and Walnut, with dark blue, light blue, silver, bronze, and purple mirrored acrylics. Each image measures 16x20... There are 2 of these currently available, $2,500 each... The one from these photos has been sold, but the other 2 are still available.  If interested please contact me about which piece you are considering.  Thanks!

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