Sunrise Circle Puzzle

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Classic wooden jigsaw puzzles manufactured in Boulder, Colorado by Liberty Puzzles. Made with 1/4" maple plywood and the finest archival paper and inks. No two pieces in any puzzle are alike, and each puzzle features dozens of intricate, charming whimsy pieces. Each puzzle has it's own special cut-pattern with shapes that contribute to the theme of the puzzle.

11.75" x 17.75"

494 Pieces



Phil Lewis x Liberty Puzzles

Liberty Puzzles are a throwback to the golden age of jigsaw puzzles.  Each one contains dozens of hand-drawn “whimsy” pieces intricately cut into the shapes of characters, animals, and geometric designs.  They are works of art within art.  The puzzles are made with 1/4” plywood and use advance print technology for eye-popping color. We offer over 650 different puzzles on this website, and we add new items year round.

Liberty Puzzles are manufactured in Boulder, Colorado, USA. 

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