Over the past 12 years I've had the opportunity to work with some amazing brands.  Together we've created dozens of vibrant products that combine functionality and artistic fashion.  If you'd like to see how my work can enhance your products, please don't hesitate to reach out.  Here are a few words from some of my most valued partners.


Phil has been a tremendous partner of ours for over five years.  His designs are always among our most popular keys across big box retailers and specialty stores.   His art has helped us change consumer behavior from seeing keys as an uninspiring, necessary product to a sought after accessory.  His partnership has also helped us develop new to the industry application through his laser engraving art and he has been instrumental in our National Forest Foundation sponsorship.  Phil is a true partner.

Chris Lohmann - SVP Sales & Marketing - MinuteKey

This letter serves as a reference and testimonial for Phil Lewis.  We have licensed images from Phil for our wooden jigsaw puzzles for over ten years.  He is consistently one of our top performing artists.  In addition to his incredible psychedelic artwork, Phil is fair, easy to work with, and business-minded.  I couldn’t recommend a partner more highly.  If you have questions or need more info, call me any time.

Chris Wirth (co-owner) - Liberty puzzles

I am very honored to have Phil Lewis part of my artist line up. It would be impossible for me to even quantify how Phil’s name being tied with my business has given trust to our customers. Customers see Phil’s name in our line up and instantly want to support us because we support him. When we speak with people that know him and his art this first thing they mention is how humble he is. We love representing Phil as a person first and an artist second. We honestly feel our brand has personality and not just art because Phil is part of it. The artwork speaks for itself but Phil as a person make what we do worth doing!

Vincent Carbone - (co-owner) - Third Eye Tapestries


Over the past 2 years we have had the privilege of working with Phil Lewis.  We had been big fans of Phil's art and were super excited to get his art onto some Grassroots California apparel.  We started with one hat and have moved onto making hats, pins, socks, shirts, leggings, hoodies and more.  The process of working with Phil has always been very smooth and efficient.  He helps with every aspect and has even shared some of his sources with us, which has helped us produce better products both with Phil and other artists.  Phil also showcases our collaborations in his studio/store.  These collaborations continue to help us bring unique and amazing designs to fans, as well as helping to get Phil's fans high-quality merchandise.  To date every collaboration we have done has either sold out or is on its way to selling out, we have reordered almost every design and are looking forward to showcasing the collaborations at 75 plus events this year. 

Max Urquhart / Chief Operating Officer


We have had the honor of working closely with Phil Lewis for the past several years.

Working with Phil is always a pleasure; he is an incredibly talented and professional artist. His designs have consistently been some of our best selling, and most requested pieces over the years.

Phil is one of those rare artists who bridge that gap between a brilliant creative mind and a brilliant business mind. He has an excellent grasp of product development, and knows the ins and outs of the production and fulfillment process. Having spent years working with artists who often only excel on the creative side, I cannot overstate how crucial Phil’s well-rounded experience is to the collaborative process.

Phil has spent the past decade developing an extremely passionate and devoted following. His fans are some of the most loyal I’ve come across. He has put a massive amount of time and energy into developing a solid infrastructure to keep his followers active, and engaged. His website, gallery, and social media pages all go a long way in supporting his licensed products and partnerships.

When you work with Phil, you’re not only getting a skilled and professional artist, you also get his devoted fan base. If you license his work, there will be a throng of fans waiting to support the product(s), as well as countless new fans that will be drawn to your brand by the intricate beauty of his work.

The only challenge that we have ever faced when working with Phil is, keeping his designs in stock.

I would highly recommend Phil Lewis to any individual or business looking to collaborate with a high caliber artist.

Jon Kreutzer - CEO | RaveNectar LLC