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...to be an integral part of our community because you're alrady a fan, friend, a part of our fam or we're hoping that you're about to be. Really it's easy... you'll get perks for living your life the way you already do while repping Phil's art.

We’ve always had a tight crew of people in Phil’s community, but over the past year we’ve really missed the natural ways we have connected like at festivals and over events in Phil’s studio. While we prefer to see you in person, online connectivity keeps the vibrations of Phil’s art alive.

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Tier 01:


We see you, seeing us. We want to pull you into the good times and high vibes over here in the world of Phil. We'll start small. What do you say?


You’ll get an ambassador code to receive 50% off our Ambassador Collection in exchange for 5 high quality lifestyle images.

Share 1 image on your social handles and tag us @phillewisart.

Tier 02:


Hello, Friend! We know you know what we're all about and we just want to have an excuse to spend a little more time together.


Because you're devoted to Phil's art, we're happy to gift you a little something to say thank you. Tag us @phillewisart in a photo with your PL gift.

Your friends are our friends, so not only gifting you something, we'll send you something to pay it forward too -- you'll give the other gift to a friend or a strange!

We ask that you document the hand off and share a video of their reaction tagging them and @phillewisart.

We love to show off our friends, so send us a headshot and a little blurb about your relationship to Phil and his artwork that we can feature on phillewisart.com

Tier 03:


You're committed to the Phil Life. Welcome to the family. Family's when you know it's real and we really have each other's back. But sometimes, if we're being honest, family asks a little bit more of us.


On top of getting free merch to promote on your social channels, you'll get an affiliate tag to share with your followers so everyone knows you're with us.

With this tag, your followers get perks off of PL products [yournameLewis25] -- with every sale you score, you'll get money in the bank!

Since you're family, you'll be the first to know about new collaborations and we'll do our best to get you the sweetest deal on new drops.

Expect VIP invites to upcoming events with free booze, food, and live music.

Send us a headshot and blurb about your deep ties with Phil and we'll feature you on our website and social feeds.

Welcome to our

Ambassador Program

‘It would be impossible to do any of this without the massive amount of love and support I get from family, friends, and fans. I hope the art I create can be a reverberation of this love and energy, which is abundant in nature and the connections we make when creating.’

- Phil Lewis