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Bison are extremely powerful animals. With their huge bodies and large heads, they are grounded and stable. The spirit of the bison represents connection to the earth and gratitude for all the universe provides. Their massive herds and vast environment suggest a strong relationship with abundance. Living in harmony with the earth is the path to kindness, strength, respect, and prosperity.

Sadly, the history of mankind’s relationship with the bison is not so harmonious. I can remember way back in middle school, learning about how the first European settlers came to this country and basically eradicated them. This is heartbreaking to me; I would have loved to have seen herds of bison, millions-strong, spread out across the plains. Fortunately, we have evolved in some respects when it comes to preserving animal species, and the bison is making a comeback. There is still a long way to go in restoring the natural existence of the bison across the American Northwest, but at least there is awareness and progress.

I hope we can continue to learn from our mistakes and take a more compassionate and respectful approach to coexistence, not only with our animal brethren, but also each other ❤️ Here’s to living harmoniously!


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