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I created this piece in collaboration with Epic Water Filters and American Rivers to help raise awareness about the importance of river preservation here in the American Southwest. Growing up on the shores of Lake Tahoe, snowpack and annual precipitation levels were always weighted topics. If we had solid snowfall in the winter, chances were, the spring and summer would be greener, and the fire danger less prevalent. However, for as long as I can remember we’ve been in some state of drought, some years severe, some less… but it has always been concerning. I feel that water is our most precious natural resource. Just behind oxygen, it’s the most important element to survival. Watching the water levels of the Green River and Colorado River steadily decline over the past decade to their all-time lowest, has been heartbreaking. There are so many lives that depend on the water these rivers supply… While we cannot control the weather, what we can control is how we use and preserve the resources we have available today, and make smart choices when looking to the future. I hope the vibrancy of this piece can help raise awareness and allow us to celebrate these rivers, as we come together to help protect them.

If you’d like to learn more about American Rivers and the incredible work they are doing, please visit:

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