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Anyone who has ever been to Boulder, whether you live here, or you’re just passing through, chances are, somewhere you have a photograph of the Flatirons. They are an amazing natural landmark that can be seen for miles. Around town, they are an ever-present reminder of how beautiful and unique a place Boulder is. As you hike up the Chautauqua trail, most often with multiple dogs (and if they’re not yours, they probably live nearby) the rock faces tower high above and bring a sense of peace to even the most pre-occupied. Within minutes you’re immersed in Pine trees and in a world of your own. The faces of the Flatirons have many different faces themselves. At dawn they can be drenched in sunlight, and in the evening, all that’s left are their silhouettes, jet-black against the fading light. Some mornings they will be engulfed in fog, other days there’s not a cloud in the sky. However it is you find yourself amongst them, their natural beauty and power with undoubtedly spark inspiration.

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