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The Flatirons hold a special place in my heart, I can’t seem to stop creating artwork that features them in one way or another.  This piece is the latest evolution in an ongoing attempt to capture their magnificence… again :)  Earlier this summer I was hiking in Sunshine Canyon and was literally stopped in my tracks by swarms of dragonflies.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many in one place before, they were everywhere.  That scene made a lasting impression, and I felt I had to tie them into this one… Another part of living in Boulder that I love is the insane amounts of sunshine we are blessed with here.  It seems like it is sunny nearly everyday. This can do wonders for the soul. Boulder - I love you… that is all

This piece was commissioned by Google.  They contacted me about creating a piece to display on the construction site for their new campus here in Boulder.  This piece was printed at a massive 6’ x 24’ on an outdoor vinyl banner which will be displayed right across from Whole Foods on Pearl St… Pretty stoked to share this with you all!

Google has been amazing to work with, and they gave me total artistic liberty to create something that captures the beauty of Boulder.  Working with Google seems to make perfect sense to me, especially since I’ve been going further and further down the technology rabbit hole with my work.  They are an extremely progressive company constantly evolving and pursuing exciting new technologies.  I am honored that my work was chosen for this project, and it’s exciting to see the piece come to life!


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