Jellyfish Nimbus - Ice Inner Core


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I was recently able to score some Ice Inner Core discs from @trashpandadiscgolf… and I knew I had to try some crazy techniques on these! This design features a ton of tricks I’ve learned on the @logojet UV Printer! I basically treated this like a piece of clear acrylic… and printed the color first… then a white under base… then color again. This way, the artwork can be seen from both the top and underside of the disc 🤯 I also added a touch of alpha-channel wizardry to give the background a less-opaque finish… so more light comes through. Lastly, I added some wet-spot-gloss over the top of the jellyfish and sun, to give them some additional shimmer This thing looks totally insane in-person, and I love how it can be illuminated from the front, or the back!

Inner Core
Weights 165-170g
Flight Numbers: 2 | 4 |-0.5 |0

The Inner Core is a premium putter made from 100% recycled plastic—the first of its kind. It flies dead straight with a ton of glide (like a toooon) and is great for tight tunnel shots through the woods and reliable approach shots. Made for disc golfers of all skill levels.

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