Jellyfish Nimbus - LED Laser Version


This was one of the most fun and complex laser pieces I have completed so far. The background layer is Colorado blue pine, with a piece of 3/8" clear acrylic engraved with the geometric sun pattern just above it. The jellyfish all have a layer of 1/8" edge-lit fluorescent acrylic that glows on the edges when lit up. The wood layer on top of that acrylic is 1/8" alder engraved with the jellyfish detail lines. There's also mirrored acrylic inlayed into the alder. The frame is a piece of stained walnut. There is also a strip of LED lights embedded into the outer frame that slowly fade through different colors. I finished it off with some brass cap nuts and compass details on the frame to give it a "port hole" vibe. I'm pretty stoked on how this one turned out, love to hear your thoughts!

This piece measures 14.5" across, and 1.25" deep

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