Jellyfish Nimbus - Print


One of my favorite things about living in Colorado is being surrounded by the dramatic landscapes. The Flatirons in Boulder are certainly some of the most inspirational in my life, and I’ve been drawing them in one form or another since I first moved here back in 2002. Their presence is powerful, and they are constantly reminding me of how amazing this planet is. I’ve been fascinated by geology since I was a kid. I love the concept of tectonic plates slowly shifting and forcing these massive mountains skyward. It’s awesome to think about how drastically the surface of the earth can change… who knows, maybe someday billions of years from now the front range could be flooded beneath miles of water? Maybe people will scuba dive down to the Flatirons instead of hiking up them? Maybe instead of gazing up at massive thunder clouds in the summer, you’d look up to see gigantic alien jellyfish???

*The 11x14 size print is cropped from the top in order to fit the size of the paper...

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