Meier Custom Skis & Snowboards

I'm so stoked to have found Meier Skis, and this collaboration is absolutely checking one off the bucket list for me!  I'm a fanatic for all types of board-sports, but snowboarding was my first true love 🤘❤️🤘

I completely resonate with so many of Meier's core values, and this relationship is chock-full of synergy.  I love their commitment to sustainability, and their production model allows them to create each pair of skis or snowboard as they are ordered. This eliminates massive issues with inventory and raw material consumption. Pick your favorite design, pick your favorite model of ski or snowboard... and voila! Your custom shred stick(s) are created just for you!

Here's some more info about Meier:

Proudly made in the USA, Meier Skis are the world's most eco-friendly high-performance skis and snowboards. All our skis for sale are handcrafted at our Denver, Colorado Craft Skiery using locally harvested and sustainable aspen and beetle kill pine. The two stringers of beetle kill pine stand out with a signature blue hue, and harvesting this dead timber right here in Colorado helps mitigate wildfire risk by removing a potential fuel source. Plus, the tree that grew up on the mountain gets to return in the form of skis! We offer a front-row view of our operations from a bar with glass windows overlooking the factory, complete with cold beer. Visit our ski factory (or, as we call it, Craft Skiery) near downtown Denver and see for yourself how we turn Colorado trees into skis!

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