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Owls have always intrigued me. Not only are they physically fascinating , but their illusiveness has a magical quality. I feel like at any moment they could transform into a wizard or vanish in a puff of smoke. Whenever I see an owl, I’m inspired to capture some of this mysterious energy in my work. Not too long ago I was walking my dogs at dusk and saw an owl silhouetted in the pine trees against the fading light. The stars were just starting to come out and the wind was kicking up…it was a charged moment, and I was compelled to create...

Owls are known to be messengers of wisdom and truth. Their excellent vision allows them to see beyond the physical. It’s said that owls can help us uncover our hidden potential and embrace changes that may be beyond sight.

I feel like I embraced some changes with this piece in a couple of areas. I strayed away from my super vibrant colors, and opted for a more limited and balanced palette. There was also some technical progression working on the Cintiq tablet, blending more and more digital aspects into the hand-drawn elements. I feel like there were some breakthroughs… That’s part of the joy of working digitally, there is always so much to learn and discover with every step. I think this owl taught me a thing or two.

I invite you to reflect on whatever wisdom this piece might bring forward for you, and hopefully help to uncover some of your own hidden potential.

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