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It is said that the phoenix is the rarest of all birds, for only one can exist at a time. It can live for 500 years, and when it dies, it is reborn. It is a symbol of reincarnation. Each time the phoenix is re-born it is said to transform into a higher version of itself, constantly in pursuit of perfection.

I feel the legend of the phoenix ties in well with the spirit of the electric forest. Much in the same way that the phoenix is born anew, so is the energy in the forest... constantly growing and evolving each year.

We had such amazing success with the Conscious Alliance food drive last year, that I’m hoping the spirit of the Electric Fox will live on through the Phoenix! I know we can once again rally our collective energy and bring support to those in need… while also having an amazingly-good-time seeking our own transformations into our higher selves!

So please join us again this year, and bring 20 non-perishable food items to the forest in exchange for a free 3D lenticular poster…hope to see you all there!

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