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There’s little that compares to the bliss felt when dropping-in on an untracked pow stash. Flowing in synergy with the snow, the mountain, your body, board(s), and gravity… everything else fades away, and you feel at one with the universe. Much like the first lines on a blank canvas, the only limits are those of the imagination. 

I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to spend my formative years on the shores of Lake Tahoe. Getting to snowboard every day was an extreme blessing. I can remember many mornings waiting intensely for notifications of school closures. It was fairly common for it to dump 4-6 feet of snow in a single storm. All of the roads in and out of town would often get closed. There were days when my brothers, friends and I would be the only ones in line when the chairs started turning, or breaking trails to the backcountry spots… it’s the stuff dreams are made of. 🤘❄️🤘

Despite the excitement, there’s also something quite calming about a blanket of fresh snow… it’s almost like the mute button. Hunkering down in the winter is when I feel most creative. It’s when I tend to make the most work, and have more time to reflect on all that surrounds this wild life.

So whether you’re dropping in on a fresh face, or a fresh project, I hope “Pow Days” can bring you some mid-winter inspiration 

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