Red Tailed Hawk - Canvas Print


This piece was originally created as a crown to the totem poles I was working on for the Arise Music Festival last summer.  The totem project was a massive undertaking, and there were many obstacles to overcome as we were planning the concept and fabrication.  At times it was daunting, and seemed like we may have bitten off more than we could chew… but, I had a very clear vision of what I wanted to achieve, and I feel the spirit of the red-tailed hawk really supported me through the process.

The animal medicine from the red-tailed hawk brings us enhanced vision.  They are considered messengers from the spirit world, and as they descend from above, they bring with them the power of increased clarity.  They can help us focus on the task at hand, while at the same time bringing a new perspective from the higher consciousness.  How do the little things we do and create each day contribute to the world at large?

Relating to these messages helped me keep the bigger picture in mind and conquer many of the challenges along the way.  In the end, this piece, and the entire totem project, really manifested into something spectacular.  I feel so lucky to have worked with such an awesome team who had amazing faith in me and my work.  I hope this hawk can soar above the festival for many years to come, and continue to bring us clear and focused vision on our path to spiritual development… or at least just help in finishing the little tasks along the way :)

* 15x30 - Limited Edition of 150
* Limited-Edition Canvas Giclees are hand-signed and numbered, gallery wrapped on 1.5" stretcher bars, coated with a semi-gloss UV finish, and are ready to hang with or without a frame.

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