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When our son Robin first arrived in our lives, we nicknamed him, “The Rooster”  Due to the fact that very early each morning, he would announce the dawn loud and clear.  At the time it was maddening, but looking back on those early days I now have more of a fondness and admiration for his early morning gusto!

There is a ton of folklore surrounding the Rooster that goes in a few different directions, but the one I relate most to is the rooster as a symbol of the sun.  The rooster crows at the break of day to chase away evil spirits and announce the victory of the sun over the darkness of night.  The rooster embodies confidence and teaches us to find the innate power of our voices.  I like to think he is calling us forth to step bravely into our highest potential.

As a father, I feel that connection to the rooster, and Robin, as he challenges me to rise and shine each day!

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