River Dance Remix - Print


A few days ago, Facebook sent me one of those flashback suggestions… normally, I don’t pay too much attention to these… but this one hit me differently. Waaaay back in 2009 I had created a remix of my River Dance piece which never really ended up on anything. I think I made a laptop skin at one point, but it had since disappeared into the archives. I always really liked it, and so (thanks to big brother keeping an eye on me) I decided to open the file back up and tweak it a bit further. So, here we have “River Dance Remix” dusted off and brushed up for a new offering! Just another example of how much I love to work digitally… there’s no end to how far you can push the pixels, and sometimes it’s fun to revisit old work and give it new life! Even if it’s been buried on a forgotten hard drive somewhere for the last 14 years!

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