Robin - Canvas Print


This piece is a tribute to our son Robin... Much like our feathered friend that inspired his name, he is an early bird (sometimes very early), with a spring in his step and joy in his voice.  Even though he's only 2.5 years old at the moment, it feels like life with Robin has been always...

There's really nothing you can do to fully prepare for parenthood.  You can read books, go to classes, and get advice from friends and family... but it's difficult to describe how it actually changes you.  It's a complete shift, that takes everything you thought you knew about life and gives it new meaning, new purpose.

It's been the most challenging adventure of my life.  An adventure that has tested me in many ways, but also brought new levels of love and light!  Robin inspires me to be a better person, which fuels me to keep creating.  I want to leave this world a better place however I can... for my son's generation, and all that will follow.  I believe this work is my calling and through it I hope to bring joy and inspiration into the world, the same way my son has brought those things to me.  Thank you Robin, this one's for you little dude :)

* 20x30 - Limited Edition of 150
* Limited-Edition Canvas Giclees are hand-signed and numbered, gallery wrapped on 1.5" stretcher bars, coated with a semi-gloss UV finish, and are ready to hang with or without a frame.

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