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Cannabis Sativa, also known as weed, bud, nugs, dope, kind, fire, flower, grass, ganja, reefer, herb, cheeba, chronic, dank, kush, sinsemilla, Mary Jane, or whacky tabaccy… whatever you call it, chances are you’re familiar:)

This mysterious and alluring plant has been shoved under the carpet and kept in the darkness for decades.  Mainly due to fear-tactic “Reefer Madness” propaganda from the 30’s… Followed by Nixon’s War on Drugs from the 70’s… This battle still rages on today… but, the tide seems to be shifting.  Just as the cannabis plant has hundreds of nicknames, there are as many varied opinions on the matter.

My opinion, is that is should be legal.  So long as we are not harming ourselves or those around us, we should have the choice to consume cannabis.  In my experience, cannabis fosters peace.  It can enhance creative awareness, elevate the mind, relax the body, support focus, encourage surrender, and ultimately bring us closer to the universal vibrations we all share in this life.

This series is my tribute to this amazing plant, and all it has provided for me on my artistic path and adventures in life.  Between the enlightening sativa, and relaxing indica… I arrive at peace, both with the world around me, and within.  However it is you get there yourself, whether it’s with cannabis or without, I hope you can join me:)


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