Skateboard Grip Tape


 ***This awesome grip tape is printed to-order.  Most orders will ship out within 3-5 business days.

Made in the USA with Jessup UltraGrip! Featuring an aggressive 60 grit surface and a super sticky adhesive. The artwork is printed directly to the surface of the Grip Tape with high quality, permanent digital inks. Printed graphics last the usable life of the product and do not alter the feeling of the tape.

When you’re standing on a skateboard, you spend a lot of time looking down at it… why not make it look awesome?!!!

I’m constantly blown away that I have the opportunity to adorn things that I love with my artwork, and this one really hits home.  I hope that I can enhance your skate sessions with some of this sweet grip. Skate or die my friends!

“You don’t quit skating because you get old - you get old because you quit skating” - Jay Adams

*Please note... no refunds or exchanges will be honored for grip tape after it has been removed from it's backing and/or installed. If you are having an issue with your grip, please contact us BEFORE attempting to install it, thanks!

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