Sri Yantra - Limited Edition - Steel Print


This is a (super) limited-edition release of the Sri Yantra printed on stainless steel.  It features a variety of UV printing methods to achieve some pretty wild effects! The frame is constructed with a 1/8" piece of acrylic between two 1/4" pieces of wood, bolted together with some brass acorn nuts. The frame in these photos is made with walnut and alder; however, each frame in the edition will be unique! I am going to mix and match wood species and acrylic colors for each one.  These pieces will have the edition number laser engraved on the back, and will be hand-signed.  This is one of the most limited pieces I have yet to offer.  I spend hours on each one, and there is a serious amount of love and intention within ❤️ Measures: 13.35" x 13.35" x 5/8" 

This will also (likely) be the last new piece I release for 2021.  It’s the culmination of 2+ years of experimenting with the @logojet UV printer.  I feel fortunate to have discovered this machine. It was a big risk diving into UV printing, but it has become something I do every single day, and I cannot imagine not having this beast in my studio. I have priced this print edition to sell, as I really want to send these beauties out into the world to be experienced and loved in-person. Thanks for all of your support in this new venture, I am super excited to see what comes next, the possibilities seem to be truly endless!

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