Winter Carnival 3


The idea for this piece came from a spot along the Dakota Ridge trail here in Boulder. I've been hiking this trail nearly every day for almost 9 years now (wow time flies) and it never ceases to inspire more artwork. I started working on this piece right around the winter solstice and the full-lunar-eclipse, and there was definitely a strange vibe in the air ~

There is a view towards the bottom of the trail that is actually pretty average for the many amazing points along the way... but there is always something about it that intrigues me. Basically it's a field of tall grass that heads up to the ridge from the neighborhood below. When the wind comes whipping through, it blows the grass and looks like ocean waves. It's right where the hogbacks meet the plains and there's a certain energy about it that's hard to explain... at least in words... perhaps better through the pens :)

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