Zebra - Print


When I initially started working on this piece, my plan was to draw something entirely black and white. A zebra seemed like an excellent choice, and along the same lines as the Giraffes and Camels, so away I went with it. Lately I have been concentrating heavily on negative space. Especially when working with black and white. If there is no color, then the areas that don't get filled in with the black ink, have just as much impact as those that do. With that in mind, I wanted to give the black stripes of the zebra more detail and depth, which lead me to developing extremely intricate patterns within the black sections. Well, when I finished the black ink, my original idea got shot right out the window...me, not use color? So here we have a zebra in full-color against a Serengeti sunset. I doubt you would find a real-life zebra that looks like this in the real-life Serengeti, but that's the beauty of art right? It doesn't always have to make sense!

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