A tale of two Phils… 

I’m sure many of you all have seen this crazy wrapped (Kia) spaceship, either around town, at the gallery, or through my posts on social media. Today I’d like to share a bit more about how it came to be. 

I first met Phil, co owner of i25 Kia about 3 years ago. It was pretty random. I was selling an electric bike on Craigslist and Phil responded to my ad. I mentioned the bike was at my gallery downtown... well, Phil had never seen my work before, and he became an instant-fan upon walking through the door. He left that day not only with the bike, but also a Soundwall… which was the first of many pieces he has since been collecting. Many of these you can find on display at the i25 Kia dealership. Fast forward a few years and we started a conversation about how we could partner in some way >>> the 100% electric wrapped Kia Niro was born! 

I had a feeling this project was going to be powerful, but I really underestimated its impact. This thing is an absolute head-turner 😱

It’s been a great experiment to see what happens when you take an everyday object like a car, and wrap it to the 9’s in some wild psychedelic artwork. I’ve been honked at, hooted and hollered at, and above all, smiled at 😄 more times than I can count since I started driving this beauty around town. We wanted to create something that makes people happy, and that you just couldn’t avoid… I’d say mission accomplished 👍

I wonder what it would be like if more cars on the road looked like this???

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