I have an extreme passion for wake surfing!

Having spent most of my life in land-locked areas… it has been the ultimate salvation!  There’s something about spending time on the water that’s completely fulfilling.  After a couple of runs, I feel more balanced and relaxed.  It’s very much a spiritual experience.  I think that anyone who surfs, whether it’s in the ocean, a river, or behind a boat… we can all attest to this feeling; the stoke is universal 🤙

I also love to share this feeling.  Over the years I’ve taught many friends how to wake surf; the joy of first standing up on the board is undeniable and contagious.  The very nature of being in the boat with friends and family provides a social and supportive environment, where everyone cheers each other on, and the success of each person becomes communal. 

With all things I am passionate about… I tend to dive deep into the details and fine tune the experience.  This usually comes with lots of experimenting with gear… lots and lots of gear.  Obviously with wake surfing the most important part of the gear is the board!  I have ridden just about every type and style of board conceivable, and without a doubt, the boards produced by Soulcraft are my absolute favorite!  As their name suggests, these boards have SOUL ❤️ From the moment you set foot on one, you can feel the love and energy contained within. They are extremely light, responsive, and just pure joy to ride.  It’s a massive honor for me to be partnering with the crew at Soulcraft to bring you these artist-series wake surf boards.  The attention to detail in hand-shaping and creating these is unparalleled… combine this with the energy I pour into my artwork, and the result is something quite extraordinary.  I am super stoked on this collaboration, and I hope you feel it too ~ Surf’s up!

Shaping the finest boards in wake surf has allowed me to work with some of the finest craftsmen in the world.  We are honored to collaborate with Phil and share his masterful work on our boards to surfers around the world.  - Jeff Wahlers, Soulcraft Founder and Master Board Shaper

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